Falconry is a way to hunt; it is the pursuit of wild game with a trained raptor. The New Hampshire Falconers Association is a group of Granite State falconers who have joined together to protect and promote this ancient sport.

Becoming a falconer is a serious undertaking. The North American Falconers Association has some information here and NHFA has some New Hampshire centric info here (pdf). One of the most important things to keep in mind is that falconry is hunting and requires reasonably good woodscraft skills. Get out into the woods (good advice for all, falconer, prospective falconer and everyone else) and keep your eyes and ears open.

Latest News:

April 2012 activities

April was a busy month for the NHFA. First up was Discover Wild NH Day. DWNH day is always well attended and in spite of on again/off again cloudy weather this year was no exception. From organizer Judy Silverberg at … Continue reading

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